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End User Chat Support

Leverage high value Chat experts while supporting geographic dispersion of delivery

The telecommunications industry is undergoing immense change as it evolves from a highly stable market to a highly competitive market. Organizations are responding by improving their connectivity with customers by more effectively leveraging their online presence to cater to customer needs more efficiently. Customers are responding with more and more “interactions” between customer and organization logged not via the phone, but via the internet through eCare channels, primarily through End User Chat Support.

We are eCare and eCommerce specialists in technical repair troubleshooting and customer service support. We have deep domain expertise with supporting chat interactions specifically for the telecommunications industry backed by deep understanding of business rules and soft skills required to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right customer. Our analysts are cross trained to prevent “channel bounce” by having a comprehensive understanding of billing, payments, and troubleshooting tools to maximize ROI by mitigating transfers while ensuring first chat resolution.

Our chat support delivers a high quality solution that scales quickly and responds to changing fluctuations in customer demand