Benefits Package for US Employees

eClerx’s benefits program combines support and flexibility for our onsite management team members in the US to match their personal and financial needs.

In order to keep you and your family healthy we utilize a number of different programs :
Medical Insurance – eClerx provides the flexibility of two types of medical insurance plans so whether you need coverage just for you or have a family to provide for we have you covered. Dental Insurance – eClerx provides coverage which covers both in-network as well as out-of-network services.
Vision Insurance - eClerx provides coverage which covers both in-network as well as out-of-network services
Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance – eClerx provides and pays 100% of the cost of life and AD&D for all employees.  

Healthcare contributions run on a tenure based system with contributions increasing year on year.

Flexible Spending Account
We know that the common cough or cold doesn’t always require a visit to the docs but can have a huge impact on productivity and performance so we’ve introduced a pre-tax flexible spending account.

This means once you let us know how much, we’ll deduct a max of 2.5K($2500) for medical expenses and 5K($5000) for dependent care expenses and deposit in your online account which you control personally for everything from physio to day camps (more details on request).
The FSA as with our 401K is accessed through an online portal totally private to you, but sometimes these things aren’t the easiest to get the knack of so there’s a support line available to answer all your questions

eClerx has a 401K plan in place which enables everyone to save for retirement using either pre-tax or post-tax dollars, the specified amount will be deducted straight from payroll so everything will be handled on your behalf. 

Just like the FSA you’ll have an online portal to check on your account and select from the funds you’d like to invest in. (more details on request).
ESOP Scheme
Loyalty is appreciated and rewarded at eClerx and we have the growth patterns to prove it ,so we think it’s only fair that employees take a share of that too – our historical figures are below to give you more information:

Year on year revenue growth 44%.
Profit has grown at 33% year on year.
Share price has tripled in the last years.
10% of equity has been set aside for the ESOP scheme that equates to 40million at current market price.​
Paid Time Off
eClerx provides ten paid holidays and also offers generous time-off packages so that all employees can take a break and recharge their batteries.

Getting to and from the office
For our New York and Philadelphia based team, we know the Monday morning commute can bring you down our transit checks scheme allows employees to buy a proportion of their travel tax free. For eClerx employees in other office locations, please ask your Office Manager for more details. 
And that’s not all  we also have annual off sites, global collaboration, services such as counseling, personal PA service, legal advice, social events and above all, the chance to work with an intelligent, forward thinking team.

Corporate and Social Responsibility  
Some people say charity starts at home – not us, we strive to make a difference to those less fortunate. eClerx donates a percentage of profits to the most worthy causes, closest to our hearts with children and education being the prime focus so just by working for eClerx you’ll be helping out but we’d love you to do more.

This is just a snapshot of what you can expect at eClerx , we have a company handbook that details all of our policies and procedures (not just the good bits) that will be given to you when you join.​