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Benefits Package for India Employees

Benefits are a valuable part of your compensation package. Our employee benefits are designed to be competitive within the markets we compete in, and are geared to attract, retain and motivate high-performing people. The benefits take into account the diversity of our workforce and are targeted at a broad spectrum of needs.
Your Health
    • Medical Insurance
eClerx employees are covered under United India Medical Insurance; eClerx pays 100% of the monthly healthcare premiums for its employees. This benefit enables cashless claims at network hospitals (over 3500 hospitals across India). Employee can procure their e‐cards (to be used during the time of hospitalization) by logging on to www.emeditek.com
    • Personal Accident Insurance
Company-paid accident insurance helps protect you from the costs of unexpected accidents. The plan includes benefits for initial care, injuries, hospitalization, and follow-up care to help employees cushion the financial blow of an accident. 
    • Emergency Response Service
24x7 access to a premier emergency response service for life threatening medical situations in the workplace – it means one less thing to worry about for you and your family. 
    • ​Health Camps
Health camps are conducted periodically by leading health service providers so employees can get comprehensive preventive health checks done at work. 
    • Personal Counselor
Like many other KPOs and BPOs, eClerx attracts a lot of young talent from all over the country. This means that for many of our employees, eClerx is the first job, and many employees are from other cities and hence away from home. These realities, along with work pressure, brings challenges that some of our people haven’t been exposed to before.
Moreover, we understand that many important decisions are made and problems solved through discussions with friends or family, colleague, or line manager. However, at times it is right to seek help away from one’s familiar daily environment. The counseling service at eClerx exists to meet such a need. Seeking counseling is about making a positive choice to get help by talking confidentially with a professionally trained listener who has no other role in the individual’s life.
Contact with the counselor is strictly confidential. Records never become part of an employee’s personnel file.

Your Learning
    • Continuing Education Policy
eClerx is committed to the success and professional development of its employees. The firm’s Continuing Education Policy assists employees (with financial support) desiring to obtain additional formal education and training relevant to their career. Continuing education includes certifications, mechaniDigital to maintain certifications, seminars, workshops, and conferences.
By taking advantage of these tuition support benefits and participating in professional training courses, eClerx employees have an excellent opportunity to enhance their job prospects, whether they are looking to advance within their current career path or move into a new position within eClerx. 
    • ​Industry Certifications
Life at eClerx is defined by constantly learning, growing and building new skills. We enable our people to get certified on industry leading products, technologies, and platforms – knowledge and skills that set you up for success and capabilities that enable the organization to deliver world class service that our clients have to come to expect out of us.

Your Fun
    • Sports
The eClerx Sports Group consists of a team of voluntary employees that promotes and designs a series of sports events all through the year. The events promote recreation, fitness and camaraderie. Football, cricket, table tennis, carom, volleyball, and badminton are some of the events that the sports group organizes every year.
  • Gaming Zone
  • eClerx is recognized for maintaining an outstanding work environment – allowing employees to meet professional goals, learn new skills, and most importantly, have fun. In fact, at the Gaming Zone in each of our offices, you can play foosball, air hockey, chess, carrom, and table tennis without even leaving the office. Now that’s convenience!
      • Cultural Events
    The firm’s cultural committee (Symphony) organizes a host of events such as Independence Day Attire Competition, Bay Decoration Competition, Christmas Tree Decoration, Fiesta – The  Annual Talent Hunt, and Photography Competition to name a few. These activities provide staff with an opportunity to get to know their colleagues in an informal environment. 
      • Team Budget
    Great teamwork is the fuel that enables our people to achieve extraordinary results. We understand that every team needs time and resources to unwind and have fun, and so we have a budget for each team go out for picnics / dinners.

    Your Time
      • Holidays
    At our offices in India we observe 11 national and other festival holidays per year.
      • Leave
    On completing one year’s continuous service with eClerx, every employee becomes eligible for 30 working days of leave. The leave will be proportionate to the number of days actually worked during the calendar year. This leave will be credited to the employee’s account at the end of each month and may be availed as Practitioner Time Off, Sick Leave or Personal/Casual Leave. You may carry forward a portion of your leave for a period of one year only. 
      • ​Compensatory Time Off
    This is given to employees when they work on weekends or eClerx holidays – and can be availed at any point until the end of the year (March 31).
      • Leave Encashment
    All employees can encash a maximum of 15 leaves in a financial year and a maximum of 15 days leave can be carried forward to the next financial year.
      • Maternity Leave
    Our maternity leave policy is at the forefront of maternity leave benefits offered by Indian companies. We provide employees with 12 weeks paid leave, and an additional 90 days of leave without pay – and these leaves need not be taken in a single block.
      • Paternity Leave
    Male employees can take up to 5 days of paid leave under the paternity leave policy. This leave is to care for a new baby and to support the mother following birth.
      • Gratuity
    On completing 5 years of continuous service with eClerx, every employee will be eligible for the receipt of Gratuity, a social security measure. This amount, equivalent to half month’s basic pay for every completed year of service, will be paid to the employee at the time to his / her separation from the company, be it by resignation, termination or retirement.

    Your Finances
      • Contribution to the Provident Fund
    To help mobilize personal savings for long term financial security, the company contributes an amount equal to that contributed by the employee. The accumulated funds in the Provident Fund account go to the employee on his retirement (or resignation). On changing jobs, the employee can either withdraw the Provident Fund amount or transfer the balance to his account with the new employer.
      • Preferential Loan Rates
    As an added benefit of employment, our corporate banking partner provides lower loan rates to employees.
      • Investment Advisory Camps
    From time to time leading financial institutions have investment advisory camps at the eClerx offices. eClerx employees can benefit from personalized service and tailor-made solutions designed to meet individuals’ financial targets.

    Your Extra
      • Culture
    Our uniquely entrepreneurial environment gives every team member the ability to make a difference. Our casual dress code encourages individuality. And our open-door policy means your ideas will be heard.
      • Discounts
    Over the years, we have developed relationships with vendors to offer discounts and services that our employees really value, from dining at restaurants to sales from leading brands like Reebok, Arrow, Lee, Wrangler, Flying Machine and many more.
      • Employee Referral Program
    Nobody knows eClerx better than its employees. By identifying talented friends, relatives, and acquaintances who meet the qualifications for available positions, eligible eClerx employees may receive as much as Rs. 35,000 referral bonus if a referred candidate is hired. What’s more – there are no limits to the number of referrals you can submit or the cash rewards you can win!
      • Subsidized Transport
    Fleets of minibus for pick up and drop to our offices from nodal trunk points – at a subsidized rate.
      • Sodexho
    Quite like pre-paid vouchers, Sodexho coupons come in convenient denominations varying from Rs.10 to Rs.50. and are accepted across 18,000 outlets in 1,350 cities for food and non-alcoholic beverages. Employees that choose to opt for Sodexho coupons enjoy tax exemption equal to the value of the vouchers.
      • ​Leave Travel Allowance
    Leave travel allowance is 1/12th of the basic salary and can be claimed for tax exemption purposes twice in a block of four years.