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Benefits Package for Singapore Employees


eClerx believe health is as important as wealth to this end we offer all Singapore staff a generous contribution towards the healthcare plan of their choice giving employees the freedom to choose the most beneficial plan for themselves and their families.


Work life balance is a priority for us an employer in order to have a happy motivated team – eClerx subscribes to all public holidays and offers a generous holiday package.

All CPF contributions are deducted from payroll and processed by eClerx.

ESOP Scheme
Loyalty is appreciated and rewarded at eClerx and we have the growth patterns to prove it so we think it’s only fair that employee’s take a share of that too.

Corporate and Social Responsibility
Some people say charity starts at home – not us, we strive to make a difference to those less fortunate . eClerx donates a percentage of profits to the most worthy causes, closet to our hearts with children and education being the prime focus so just by working for eClerx you’ll be helping out but we’d love you to do more.

This is just a snapshot of what you can expect at eClerx – we have a company handbook that details all of our policies and procedures (not just the good bits) that will be given to you when you join.