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Why eClerx?

To attract and retain talent, our compensation package is competitively bench-marked against industry standards. It is evaluated annually and adjusted to maintain market competitiveness. The package includes both fixed and variable components designed to reward results and consists of base pay, a performance linked bonus, and benefits like medical insurance and a liberal paid leave. Pay progression is strongly influenced not only by past performance, but also by future potential.

Rewards and Recognition
At the heart of our business are our people and we take great pride in recognizing outstanding commitment and effort. Applied in a fair and inclusive style, on-the-spot rewards, being featured on the corporate Intranet, and annual awards at our town hall meeting form an integral part of the rewards and recognition system at eClerx.

360-Degree Assessment
By 360 degree appraisal we refer to the systematic process of aggregating and comparing feedback from subordinates, peers, and managers on an individual's management and leadership practice. The process is based on a relatively straightforward online questionnaire: one version, that the manager completes him / herself, and another version that is populated by colleagues at different levels within the organization. The results are then compared and differences in perceptions between individuals' self rating and the ratings given by others are used as a basis for both formal appraisal and informal development conversations.

Competency Management
Ensuring employees have the necessary skills and competencies to consistently perform the tasks required of them is sometimes a daunting challenge. Managing and tracking individual skill levels in regulated environments is a continuous process. World-class organizations use competencies to articulate and leverage exceptional organizational performance. From a value-added perspective, our competency-based management systems enable the realization of business strategy and provide a distinctive, enduring advantage for the organization. Designed and deployed by the knowledge management team, the competency management system provides each employee with the knowledge of what he / she is required to do in order to advance to the next level, and the learning / performance tools necessary to bridge the gap.

Job Rotations
We realize that organizations that aspire to achieve outstanding performance invest significant time and resources in the development of human capital. The rotation program requires managers to spend at least one quarter in a different business area. From an organizational perspective, the initiative cultivates necessary skills in advance of need.
For the managers, the advantages come by way of acquiring vastly different domain knowledge, managing different team dynamics, cultural identities, and client expectations. On a broader level, the rotation affords the managers with greater visibility into some additional business touch points of our Company.
With their unique skills and strengths, managers also help catalyze some positive changes in the teams they move into. And on their return, bring home some of the best practices and lessons learned to infuse the parent team with improvements.

eBuddy Program
An initiative that welcomes a new employee into the eClerx family!!
Each new joinee is paired up with an existing employee, who will show him around and hand-hold him in the initial months to make his transition into eClerx as smooth as possible.

Fun @ eClerx

Every year, the Company sets up an all-hands Town Hall Meeting filled with fun and learning  to communicate the Company's progress during the last year, and to set forth a roadmap for the next year. This is a unique celebration where all employees get to interact and have loads of fun. ​​​
Continued Learning

eClerx encourages its employees to pursue higher education by allowing enrolment into courses provided by prestigious institutes and universities. Employees can choose from a variety of course available and continue to grow and learn by enrolling in these courses. eClerx provides full and partial  fees to pursue these courses. This is apart from the numerous training the employee undergoes on a regular basis within eClerx.