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Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

Competitive Intelligence

The ability to efficiently monitor and analyze competitor behavior in a timely manner can greatly enhance a company’s ability to optimize margins and gain market share.  Awareness of competitors’ activities can be especially difficult to stay on top of when there are a large number of products (such as retail), rapidly changing catalogs (such as technology or apparel), or a dynamic pricing environment (such as airlines and hotels). 

eClerx can build a customized solution that accounts for the specific attributes of your competitive environment, leveraging automated data extraction technologies and human intelligence to gather, cleanse, and present analysis to help you confidently keep a pulse on the competitive landscape.


  • ​Difficulty deciding which competitors to monitor to help execute a pricing strategy
  • Challenges in matching products when unique identifiers such as MPN or UPC are not available or highly variable across competitors
  • Lack of in-house capability in data harvesting and management techniques
  • Technical challenges that prevent consistent extraction of competitor data
  • Out of the box solutions that require significant post purchase investment, customization, management and maintenance to be effective
  • Converting unstructured competitive data into structured data that enables analysis


  • Analysis of competitive landscape based on catalog overlap and size (sales and site traffic)
  • Identification of comparable competitive items using advanced text string analysis and attribute level matching
  • Data harvesting, data cleansing and normalization
  • Near real time alerts of changes in competitor prices, promotions and inventory
  • Vendor and partner marketing program compliance monitoring
  • Price modeling and recommendation
    • Index based
    • Rules based
    • Revenue / margin maximization
    • Supply / demand
  • Visualization and Analysis
    • Relative price position
    • Product category
    • Price bands
    • Trending and competitor behavior  tracking
    • Easy-to-use look-up tools for accessing competitor data


  • Use of our proprietary tools allows eClerx to offer attractive rates for customized data harvesting
  • Our human overlay allows for much higher quality than software-only solutions
  • Simplicity of operations: outsourcing data extraction, cleansing, and visualization allows in-house pricing analysts to focus on advanced analytics, recommendations, and execution of pricing & promotion decisions
  • Access to industry best practices for data extraction, quality assurance, and visualization