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Why Your CMO Worries About Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

Let’s admit it – Digital Asset Management is not sexy and is not what keeps most CMOs awake at night. But with your customers now interacting with you across the globe and on a variety of devices, the typical Internet Retailer Top 100 enterprise now has to contend with hundreds of thousands of assets, all needing to be localized to dozens of countries and optimized for mushrooming channels. 

While your CMO might not worry about your DAM solution, she is worried about a consistent brand message at every touch point - Digital asset management is more critical than its given credit for. 

Building a streamlined, centralized, cost effective Digital Asset Management program will provide your organization with a critical foundation for customer experience and marketing success. 


  • You’re facing a proliferation of digital assets driven by globalization across expanding new customer touch points, yet have fixed or declining budgets to effectively manage them
  • Historically DAM work has been done by high-priced agencies and/or contractors, since it’s never been viewed as a marketing mission critical function. Moreover, agencies have never been known for their focus on process improvement, having a vested interest in the status quo and preference for the more creative end of the spectrum – the outflow of this is substandard digital asset management and less effective marcom programs across your organization
  • Today’s speed of business, particularly in marketing, has made it an imperative for marketers to locate assets quickly and easily, lest your competitor win the marcom battle. However, with limited budgets for the DAM process, this has generally meant cutting corners on the front end – i.e., cataloguing of the assets – leading to downstream effects that prove even more painful to rectify


  • Detailed mapping and documentation of “as is” and future state DAM processes provide the roadmap to effective centralization of DAM and allows for identification and rollout of best practices, which not only improve time to market, but help improve DAM ROI
  • On-going execution and maintenance of the DAM process, with a focus on process and taxonomy, ensures efficient marcom execution and that brand integrity is maintained across all channels and countries


  • ​Brand consistency across channels and geographic regions
  • Better ROI on DAM processes & practices -- reduced agency spend and duplication of effort and increased adherence to brand guidelines and efficiencies in execution
  • Better turnaround times and responsiveness