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Minimizing Cost and Time Spent on Store Merchandizing

Store & Catalog Operations

Let’s face it, keeping your shelves stocked with products is critical to your success whether you’re a bricks-and-mortar store or online – it takes time to do well, but it’s not rocket science, and the better you do it, the better your chances of success.
Just as in the real world where retailers rely on vendors to keep the shelves full, many of the largest global e-tailers depend on eClerx to keep their virtual shelves stocked at the right time, right price and with appropriate content. It’s a definable, repeatable and scalable process that eClerx can execute and streamline at significant savings to you.


  • Managing products through their entire life cycle is a tedious, time-consuming, but very important task for any company doing business through digital channels. Poorly integrated and disparate systems across the enterprise result in this process becoming people-intensive (and thereby costly) and prone to delays and errors
  • Additionally, most online businesses maintain stores across multiple touch points in multiple languages in multiple countries, placing an even greater burden of execution and coordination on the web content and product management teams
  • Finally, during your key business periods, be it the traditional holiday period or some other campaign cycle, your business often finds itself in a balancing act of how to deploy resources between the “run the business” activities and the increased demands of peak volumes, ensuring that neither is neglected given your constraints of headcount and budget 


eClerx works with some of the most recognized ecommerce firms globally, including 4 of the top 20 Internet Retailers, to ensure smooth, timely and cost effective online catalogue management. Our services span:​

  • Day-to-day management  of store content and product catalogue (e.g., pricing, attributes, assets, etc.)
  • Managing online promotions (e.g., sales, free shipping, buy one/get one free, etc.)
  • Managing/merchandizing “micro stores” (also known as “slash sites”) or “flash sales”, where again there’s both proliferation of channels (former) and a need for timely merchandising actions (latter)
  • Full life cycle management of products can be achieved from new product launch to end of life leveraging our broader Product Information Management Services
  • Detailed mapping and documentation of “as is” and future state merchandising processes
  • Customer assurance experience testing


  • Cost effectiveness​
  • Overcome manually intensive processes.
  • Deep process documentation and insight drives continuous improvement
  • Improved time to market and greater confidence in online content ultimately drives enhanced customer experience and increased conversions