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Increase Product and Functional Coverage while Cutting Costs

Custodian and Prime Broker

With so many custodians and prime brokers in the market, decisions on which provider to use often come down to cost competitiveness, product and functional support coverage, and client centric functions such as relationship management and reporting. - In addition, custodians and primer brokers are under pressure to scale down to a smaller customer size in order to capture a larger share of the market.

eClerx has partnered with multiple custodians and prime brokers to shorten the time to go-live by providing both technical and operational integration services such as building file mapping tables and performing data migration activities. - In addition, eClerx has cost effectively augmented custodian and prime broker’s teams, taking ownership of trade processing, portfolio reconciliation, statement production, and invoicing activities.  Finally, given eClerx' cross product expertise, we have helped custodians enter new functional and product domains, that they in turn have been able to offer to customers, such as derivatives and structured products.