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High Quality Execution of Syndicated Loan Services

Loans Support

Over the past 5 years, it has become imperative for global financial institutions to close any gaps in exposure and maintain consistent standards of operations. Within the Loans space it is critical that the institutions are a step ahead with servicing the loans in which they act as participants and/or agents. It is therefore essential to proactively manage cash flows and exercise tight control on discrepancies. For special loans, procedures and checks have to keep evolving as the risk of default and the pressure of ever changing regulations continually pose a challenging environment.


  • ​Ensuring that all past dues are cleared quarter on quarter
  • Prioritizing unscheduled activities as these are time bound and very sensitive
  • Making sure that all servicing activities are completed on time and accurately
  • Managing the exposure of institutions in loans securities across secondary and primary as well as par and distressed markets
  • Overseeing the reporting and servicing of special loan products for mortgages, warehouse and residential functions


  • eClerx has significant experience of working with some of the biggest financial institutions across the globe
    • We have successfully integrated best practices across work streams to ensure that we provide a productized service offering which exceeds expectations
  • Using eClerx developed technological solutions to provide robust tools and workflows which allow management of different kinds of loan portfolios
    • Client teams can also integrate their existing procedures with our tools
  • Paperless workflow and notice management even without subscribing to WSO® Fax
  • Maintain stringent internal checks and deadlines with tough targets to ensure that no payment to a lender or demand made by a borrower is unattended
  • Persistent follow up with the agents and timely processing resulting in zero past due count on the loan portfolios


  • ​Effective use of technology for streamlining workflow and ensuring process control
  • Providing an end to end solution with integration of teams without violating segregation of duties/obligations
  • Allow the client controls team to focus on client interaction with a cursory overview of transactions which are set-up, processed and completed by eClerx​​​​​​