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Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis to Support Targeted Research

Research and Analysis

The eClerx Research and Analysis offering provides a suite of services which enable large investment banks to focus on the core activities of business generation. Our offshore research teams are staffed with capital market specialists who understand global research and regulatory requirements, including US GAAP and IFRS. We also provide sector specific support. Our team constantly monitors hundreds of companies for updates including earnings, company structures, corporate actions and evaluates their impact on companies’ financials and holding structure. Our research support teams ensures all the documents used for research are procured and archived in most efficient manner thus reducing overall market data spending and enabling re-usage of expensive data for exercises such as benchmarking.

We also partner with leading industry databases to monitor announcements of the target companies and keep their database updated with the latest news and corporate actions. Our research team scrubs the announcements from various sources such as company websites, registrar filings, SEC, etc. and validates the same, if required, by reaching out directly to the issuer of the announcement. Our IT tools enable the data providers unravel the clutter of data and identify the actual update to be included in the databases.


  • ​Constant updates announced by various companies impacting valuation and company structure
  • Lack of structured approach to evaluate the financial and ownership impact of updates
  • Complex data to be evaluated on a constant basis to develop useful, actionable information
  • Increasing cost of external databases leading to higher market spend


  • ​Research Data Management
    • Search through various databases such as Factiva®, Reuters®, Bloomberg®, Factset®, Banker’s Almanac®, One source®, S&P®, Moody’s®, etc. for research required data
    • Create and maintain checklists in conjunction with stakeholders to identify best database for particular data points
    • Maintaining a log of all requests processed by data categories and databases used
    • Assign unique ID to all requests on basis of location or desk and to output on basis of database used and type of data
    • Develop a front end user interface for database, making it usable for retrieval of data processed earlier
  • Database Management Support
    • Monitor external data sources such as company websites, new runs, registrars, etc.
    • Track corporate actions such as Mergers, Spin-offs, Name changes, Acquisitions, etc.
    • Automated crawlers build to search through email updates from various updates to suppress duplicates
    • Reach out to Investor Relations team of the announcers to validate the corporate action using standard templates in emails
    • Provide clients with relevant updates in the desired format for downstream updates to the database
    • Weekly ticker changes email - send a summary of events researched on a weekly basis
  • IB Research Support
    • Develop customized models for different sectors to be used as evaluation templates
    • Capture financial data including the sector specific details in the templates and models
    • Periodically track and proactively gather and analyze information from publicly available sources
    • Monitor financial results published on respective company websites
    • Compute EBITDA, Free Cash Flow, Enterprise Value, Loan and Bond information
    • Company reported financial figures and formula driven ratios maintained on a regular basis
    • Generate Comparables, CompAcqs’, etc. as per client requirements and earning updates


  • Substantial cost saving by archiving expensive reports previously purchased
  • Extensive MIS delivered on a regular basis with clear takeaways for senior management
  • Maker-checker workflow resulting in accurate capture of financial data
  • Expert training and development standards to create a talent pool with deep understanding of finance terms
  • Quicker processing of requests by automation of accessing web-based databases
  • Support spanning across time zones enabling global support to all desks creating requests
  • Analysts trained and conversant with US GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Precise rulebooks and checklist resulting in significant reduction in processing time
  • “Trend analysis” to track anomalies in financial data