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Move Your Data in a Streamlined Manner with Minimal Reengineering

Systems and Data Migration

Financial Services companies typically have data held in multiple formats across multiple legacy systems. Each of these systems datasets requires mapping, clean up, and aggregation before they can be stored, used or distributed downstream. There is often a need to retire these legacy systems or to combine and sunset systems that perform duplicate functions.   

eClerx provides comprehensive data and system migration support across 4 critical domains:

  • System Implementation (customization and testing)
  • Data Management
  • Workflow Impact Management
  • Testing,Training and roll-out


  • ​Phase out legacy system without impacting business as usual,maintaining operational continuity
  • Extensive test planning and execution on the entire migration process
  • Data clean up and standardization across multiple source systems
  • Integration efforts are greatly hampered by the absence of clean interfaces
  • Identifying all the touch points for data integration and handoffs
  • Absence of tools and templates to support system migration to the new strategic platforms


  • System Implementation
    • Customization and testing covering system functionality, infrastructure, and connectivity
    • End to end software development capability from solution conceptualization, selection of applications, customization,development, testing, roll-out and maintenance
    • Real time production support across time-zones; Develop and execute test cases and design test plans
    • Verify coverage and completeness of tests against standard test assessment criteria
  • Data Management
    • Cleanse data from legacy systems using industry standard and eClerx developed tools, transformation and normalization for reconciliation
    • Normalize the data to create a golden copy
    • Perform field mappings and migration of data on to new application 
  •  Manage Workflow Impact
    • Evaluate change to underlying workflows; Document and socialize process/activity level changes
    • Obtain sign-off on changes from key client stakeholders
  • Training and Roll-Out
    • Design classroom or computer based training for client staff to drive smooth roll out of new set up
    • Evaluate users on new system knowledge if necessary


  • Significant time and effort saving by leveraging eClerx experience, tools, templates and knowledge
  • Identified and resolved material discrepancies in the legacy data 
  • Upfront Technical risk and cost risk analysis for the entire project
  • Backup and contingency plans for all the operational risks identified
  • Hands-on knowledge of industry platforms and processes generating the data