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Paper and Electronic Confirmation Support: Facilitating Straight Through Processing


The life cycle of a trade between trade booking and trade settlement entails a series of processes for trade confirmation. The essential element is to timely confirm a trade with both parties agreeing to the terms of trade. eClerx provides back office services to ensure that these two elements are maintained to help investment banks meet FED and other regulatory targets.

Whether we are affirming trades with counterparties, drafting paper confirmations, reconciling counterparty documents, chasing counterparties for execution of trade confirmations or executing trades on electronic platforms, eClerx can cost effectively deliver to ensure data quality with timeliness.


  • Data integrity is the backbone of confirmation processes. It is important to ensure that counterparties execute the trade as agreed by the front office. Communication breakdown between front office and back office systems can often result in incorrect data flowing down on confirmations or incorrect data being confirmed on electronic platforms
  • These back office processes are performed across regions. Different procedures are followed by regional teams leading to lack of uniformity
  • While all counterparties are subject to FED and regional regulatory mandates, delayed or no response from counterparties lead to delayed confirmation and execution of trades


  • eClerx developed reconciliation engine linked to client systems are capable of handling intersystem, document to system, third party-counterparty to system, portfolio, blotter, invoice, settlement etc. reconciliation processes and to facilitate the systematic de-escalation of breaks
  • The eClerx Paper Confirmation Digitization Tool has been developed for Customized Capture Templates (80+ templates for different product types capturing economic and non-economic terms)
  • Maker Checker workflow ensures data integrity of all paper confirmations drafted and dispatched to counterparties
  • eClerx’s knowledge management team trains and equips drafters with deep product knowledge helping them to identify any discrepancies or anomalies
  • Comprehensive metrics and dashboards with detailed root cause analysis are presented to clients, helping to close out perennial issues
  • Timely communication being critical to execute trades in line with regulatory mandates, eClerx has implemented Mailbox Management best practices across processes to ensure timely responses and avoid any misdirects


  • ​eClerx provides a centralized processing unit for all regions and helps Investment banks to achieve global consistency in procedures
  • eClerx has been working with some of the top investment banks and has developed customized workflow tools which have helped to reduce the turnaround time across processes
  • Workflow tools developed to cover the entire gamut of confirmation processes and product types helps to provide the vital link between Affirmation, Drafting, Incoming review and Chasing counterparties by streamlining each of these individually and in tandem with each other
  • Reports and dashboards published to facilitate tracking of open items and aid real time reporting to senior management