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Performance Reporting Support

Increased competition in the high-net-worth investor market places wealth management institutions under considerable pressure to differentiate themselves from other firms providing similar services. Performance reporting metrics are one of the primary tools available to investor relations managers to showcase their services and highlight their contribution to increasing the value of their client portfolios.

eClerx provides services that enable wealth managers design client reports that appeal to the eye and effectively showcase the performance of the portfolio.

Our familiarity with the various reporting applications and report structures as well as the asset classes involved have enabled our clients to leverage eClerx’ expertise to publish effective performance reports to their clients in a timely manner and change reporting formats proactively based on client feedback.


  • ​Compliance with various regulatory norms e.g. Cost Basis Reporting, Personal Information Update norms, etc.
  • “Personalizing” reports based on requests from clients or investor representatives takes a considerable amount of time and effort
  • Significant expertise required to identify flaws in the performance report and correlate performance on various asset classes with the proposed report
  • Updating pricing for instruments or investments which are to be manually valued or instances where details are received from other wealth managers e.g. Private Equity, Real Estate, etc.
  • Significant time and effort invested in collating and re-formatting data for hearsay accounts
  • Flaws in performance reports on account of incorrect reference data available in the system


  • Assist clients with various regulatory mandates around transaction reporting
  • Maintenance of cheat sheets by client – enabling the documentation of any manually applied reporting fixes or edits and reducing the dependence on individuals familiar with the report
  • Comprehensive training program covering process and product levels to ensure familiarity with the reports
  • Checklist and Tolerance Limit based review of reports to ensure that any abnormal items are picked up and investigated before passing the report to the investor relationship manager
  • Pairing of individuals with specific investor relationship managers and clients to ensure that any specific nuances are taken up and accommodated
  • Experts at incorporating data from other investment managers to provide a consolidated report to clients as required


  • Focus on resolving issues (data gaps, security type, etc.) at the root
  • Ability to enable solutions by participating in the resolution process – including generation of enhancement and bug fixing specifications, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and other activities
  • End to end process documentation – including details on client specific nuances that need to be checked and accommodated manually to reduce dependence on individuals familiar with the reports
  • Expertise in data mining, data maintenance, data cleansing and reconciliation
  • Checklist and dual level audit implementation to maintain better quality