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Real Time Support for Sales and Trading Middle Office

Trade Support

Trading desks need seamless support during market hours for a variety of activities ranging from trade capture and bulk allocation, trade control reconciliations, reject handling and exception management. Through a suite of tactical automated solutions and a realignment of operational flows, eClerx provides Front Office support on a real time basis to a number of Investment banks.


  • Extended coverage to support multiple trading desks in different geographies
  • Key man risk primarily due to lack of concrete documentation
  • Absence of control framework to alert to and eventually remediate recurrent issues in trade booking
  • Unavailability of quality metrics leading to incomplete or absent risk assessments


  • Trade Capture: Book Cash and Derivatives trades in Client Internal ticketing systems
  • Trade Allocation: Allocation of block and bulk bookings based on instructions received from Salespeople or Counterparties in real time
  • Exception Management: Resolve trade rejects and queries around back office systems
  • Trade Enrichment: Update key economic and non-economic parameters on trades as required to ensure timely trade flow into back office system


  • Extended global coverage with staggered shifts deployment
  • Additional process checks implemented to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Enhanced risk review and control through transparent reports and metrics - identify patterns, trending, root causes, etc.
  • Streamlined reporting procedures and insightful metrics by leveraging extensive domain experience