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Middle Office Services


Given middle office is the department closest to the sales and trading desk, the accuracy and thoroughness of their work ripple through to downstream departments and have a large effect on the efficiency of downstream processes and the degree of operational risk implicit in processes such as settlements and collateral management.
While typically, middle office functions are performed in close proximity of the front office due to the requirement of real-time support and intra-day dynamics, we have successfully developed a model to outsource large portions of the process. These include trade capture and rejection management, trade affirmations utilizing phone, e-mail, and industry utilities, internal control reconciliations between trade blotters, broker recaps, and downstream systems, and reporting and control functions focused on operational risk and regulatory reports.

Our ability to execute such functions with a high degree of accuracy stems from our functional experience across products and buy and sell-side customers, our knowledge management practices which impart system and product knowledge to our resources, and our process management and control suite including the use of dynamic checklists, manager audits, workflow tools, and our defined governance structure.