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Quick and Efficient On-boarding Process for New and Existing Clients

Client On-boarding and Data Management

The eClerx approach to client on-boarding involves creating new client accounts and amending existing details through set-up onto the client systems with relevant products. We perform a thorough entity review in light of current Legal and Compliance mandates, and we setup SSIs.

The objective of our approach is to set up and maintain accounts in client masters, depository and back office systems, based on the requests in the workflow. The activities are broadly categorized into four main types as follows:

  • New Account Setups
  • Product Line Extension
  • Amendments
  • Account Closures


  • Non-standard procedures followed to set-up settlement instructions across multiple systems
  • Inaccurate client data present in multiple systems resulting in discrepancies leading to non-compliance penalties
  • Strict turnaround time to open new accounts resulting in incorrect/incomplete static data


  • Maker-checker approach ensures negligible operational errors resulting in ~99.8% accurate SSI set-up
  • Establish client call back verification procedure where third party data and client systems instructions are inconsistent
  • Cleanse-check SSI changes on industry utilities such as Omgeo ALERT® and update SSIs in client systems
  • Set-up client SSIs and resolve exceptions by way of ‘call-back’ verification procedures
  • Develop and maintain robust procedural documents, rule books, and training collateral in sync with changing regulatory guidelines


  • Facilitate maker-checker workflow, 100% audit trail using eClerx on-boarding workflow tool and methodologies
  • Reduce incomplete requests from average of 15% to 5% through effective monitoring and follow-ups with client teams
  • Publish periodic metrics that are accessible in client’s environment to track process health and make informed decisions