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Product Reference Data Solutions – A Comprehensive Approach for Our Clients’ Reference Data Needs

Product Reference Data

Data is a strategic asset in financial services companies and investment banks. When it comes to managing data to drive the business, many firms are constrained by disparate and legacy systems. The recent financial crisis highlighted the importance of effectively managing data to navigate the business through up and down cycles.
In our current environment, companies must be able to quickly process customer requests, identify holdings and positions, assess and adjust risk levels, maximize operational efficiency and control, and optimize capital – all while supporting regulatory and compliance needs.

A consistent, correct, and current view of financial reference data will drive efficiency and insight while increasing day-to-day control. Our data services enable our clients to do everything from quickly trading on a new instrument, to complying with a spate of new regulations, to spotting suspect trader behaviour.

To address these challenges, eClerx provides comprehensive data management solutions on-shore and off-shore.


  • Siloed data and disparate data across firms reference data  platforms  have little common ground,  thus making it difficult to provide a clear picture of risk and exposure
  • Potential for incomplete and incompatible operational systems to produce inaccurate and often misleading analytics and end-of-day reports, introducing significant risk to institutions that may over- or under-allocate capital reserves based on this information
  • Ability to quickly process customer requests, accurately price holdings, assess and adjust risk levels accordingly
  • Complexity of latest  national and international regulations


  • Create golden copy of all existing reference data from the different silos within an organization that can be accessed by all businesses
  • Update the golden copy daily/real time with various vendor feeds at this single point
  • Pre-Market Open teams to work on all exceptions between golden copy and vendor feeds


  • Accurate pricing of all positions so that correct risk exposure can be calculated
  • Avoid over or under allocating capital reserves
  • Improve the confidence in control by detecting early and accurately any red flags in the business
  • Improve ability to report on and adapt to new and evolving regulations