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Reference Data Management


While the fidelity of client data has become important due to regulations such as the Patriot Act, FATCA, and Dodd Frank; firms also continue to invest heavily in centralized product data security masters to prevent manual re-entry into downstream systems and cut costs.

eClerx provides a suite of data management services to industry participants on an on-going basis as well as by way of short term projects and through its advisory services. eClerx has strong domain knowledge in client (including KYC), product, pricing, and taxonomy data. 

For several customers, we have built a 24x5 processing hub which provides for better resource utilization, standardized metrics and control reporting, and a near zero defect execution.

On a strategic level, eClerx has setup KYC programs, deployed request management workflow tools, setup and maintained internal golden source repositories, built links to third party utilities such as Omgeo Alert® and AVOX® to facilitate STP, and has developed reporting dashboards to change client behavior and optimally manage internal client SLAs.