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Propensity to Buy Solution for a Large Hi-Tech Manufacturer

Ex​ecutive Summary:

Sales GM approached eClerx and the team was tasked to build a Product cum Customer Propensity model in a short span of two months. eClerx deployed a team comprising of statisticians, business analyst and data modellers to support the engagement. eClerx team adopts CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) framework to onboard and operationalize the modelling process.

• Provided sales teams with direction in focusing their efforts only on those prospects and customers that will react positively
• Enabled cross-selling of products to the right prospects and customers at the right time
• Field rep were able to plan their day effectively and focus on the right set of customers
• Sales heads were able to set the appropriate targets and quotas based on the propensity models
• Sales heads were able to use the model to manage the sales play or campaigns on a quarterly basis
• An incremental revenue of $10 million realized by deploying the model
• A lift of 8 was seen on first time (New) buyer model and a lift of 3 was seen on the repeat buyer model
• By successfully deploying the model for sales planning, client was able to repeat a 20% cost savings in sales cost