An Overview of eClerx’s Mumbai-based Research and Development Center

eClerx has established a robust, technologically advanced Research and Development center located in Mumbai, India. The center is comprised of a state of the art working lab and includes innovative technologies that help accelerate the design and development of our extensive library of cutting-edge solutions. Several of the outstanding technologies utilized in this R&D center has been instrumental in creating eClerx products. Big-data, Machine Learning, Robotics Process Automation, Web Data Harvesting and Document Data Extraction are examples of areas that eClerx has invested in. The lab also boasts fully modernized computers, an array of software, dedicated servers and significant storage space for hosting and testing various eClerx solutions. These solutions leverage our IT innovations that help improve customer experience, decrease processing time, increase cost efficiencies and allow flexibility to respond to market volatility.

The eClerx R&D Center has capabilities to:


Develop products and platforms that cater to next generation market needs driven by changing global trends in the financial services, cable and telecommunications, retail, fashion, media and entertainment, manufacturing, travel and leisure, software and high-tech industries.

Create intellectual properties around products and platforms by leveraging technologies machine learning, mobility, analytics, and big data.


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The frameworks and solutions developed at eClerx’s Research & Development Center help make global organizations more effective, nimble, and reliable. Our capabilities and IT, along with our infrastructure development help create differentiated services that drive progress and operate at significantly reduced cost.