Since its inception, eClerx has evolved into an operational powerhouse. We respond to new and pressing industry demands and technology challenges with a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that modernize business processes to foster innovation and agility, transform business practices for operational excellence, drive insight to predict with precision, and deliver superior customer experiences. Below are the three verticals under which eClerx currently operates.

eClerx Customer Operations

eClerx Customer Operations specializes in providing operational expertise and process excellence throughout the customer journey. We create solutions and services, utilizing our domain knowledge that supports our clients’ evolving needs. Our suite of offerings enhances each step of the customer journey by providing advanced analytics, automation, superior technical operations and digital care. We assist companies in developing, implementing and operating multichannel customer interaction capabilities for the external and the internal customer – facing operations – transforming everyday touchpoints into a superior experience. In this way, we aid our clients in improving sales and retention, while reducing service costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.

eClerx Digital

eClerx Digital is the trusted partner of choice to many of the world’s largest global brands for creative production, e-commerce/web operations and analytics and insights services. We help clients maximize the results of their digital activities across the customer journey. We complement existing capabilities through data analytics and marketing support. Global industry leaders partner with us to cost-effectively scale their digital activities by leveraging our highly-skilled and blended resource model.

eClerx Markets

For financial organizations across the world, eClerx Markets offers consulting, technological innovation, and process management expertise to solve numerous operational challenges. We are powered by digital technologies and robotic process automation that seamlessly integrate resources and capabilities to help financial institutions improve accuracy, flexibility and adaptability.  Supported by nearly two decades of financial services experience, our team of experts delivers holistic solutions across the trade and client lifecycles including: trade support; settlements and clearing; KYC and client on-boarding; legal documentation services, as well as reference data and advanced analytics.