Creating enduring value for those most in need,
for our communities and our world.

No matter our achievements or number of clients, philanthropy is fundamental to who we are. eClerx has a strong vision of what it means to be a responsible company in today’s society. We place great importance on the role our firm and employees can play in the communities in which we live and work. As we grow and expand our capabilities and innovations in the marketplace, we remain cognizant of our responsibility as change agents in our communities. That’s why we are committed to facilitating, funding and supporting social and economic transformations across various underserved communities.

At eClerx, we believe that when you educate a child you can transform the world. Talent and resources should go beyond optimizing businesses. They are part and parcel of expanding individual potential and helping them lead better, more productive lives. That’s why we’re committed to working toward a better future for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in our world.

eClerx Cares

Children rights and education are central to our Corporate Social Responsibility mission. The eClerx family is active in helping to measurably and demonstrably improve the lives of underprivileged children. eClerx Cares, our India based CSR Committee operates under the guidance of eClerx Board of Directors to coordinate and manage our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

To maximize our impact, we actively partner with NGOs and education stakeholders to find and advance effective solutions that address today’s most pressing development and educational challenges. Our partners work to secure the well-being of disadvantaged Indian youth by supporting education and child welfare initiatives throughout India. This includes vocational education and training for children living in city slums, rural villages and tribal areas as well as those who are unemployed or minimally employed. The eClerx Cares Committee approves and monitors projects we fund through our NGO partners. The eClerx Cares Council is responsible for coordinating and advancing our employee engagement initiatives, for example, eClerx employees have volunteered ad-funded efforts that have brought substantial impact to more than 30,000 lives.

Our Work with NGO Partners

As part of our social responsibility goals
eClerx is proud to partner with the following non-governmental organizations.

Employee Engagements

We foster and support employee engagement in our social responsibility initiatives.
Staff members participate enthusiastically in CSR activities held throughout the year.


- Marathon
- Heritage Walk
- Joy of Giving Week
- Community Volunteering

Senior management engaging in strategic
CSR programs aligned with our business
and expertise

Nanhi Kali - Education of 350 Girls
CRY - Education of 500+ kids

Internal Events for Employees

- Blood Donation Camps
- Food Drives
- Old Material Collection Drives
- Carnival for Charity

Annual in-office fun day for kids

Annual in-office fun day for kids

Payroll Giving Programs