eClerx has always cared deeply about its people, the environment and the communities within which it operates. This has manifested in initiatives such as CSR which the firm started as a private company well before this rightfully became a regulation under the Companies Act of 2014, and more recently, a number of “green practices” focused on reducing the firm’s environmental footprint.  Our ESG initiatives arise from our desire to do the best for all our stakeholders – our people, our clients, our suppliers and our investors. Our young cohort of employees represent our collective future and they are each vested in environmental issues and sustainability, as well as in working in a learning, open and inclusive community. Our investors – who have always rated the firm highly for its standards of corporate governance – are now increasingly caring about our ESG practices, and our our global clients have started on their own net-zero and sustainability journeys. We have also had an opportaunity to communicate our ESG priorities to our supplier community, ensuring a meeting of minds on key beliefs.

At eClerx, our effort has been to strike a balance between maximizing our business potential while integrating a sustainability vision into our long- term strategic plan in a way that creates lasting value to build trust amongst our key stakeholders. As a responsible corporate citizen, our continued endeavour will be on:


  • Prudent use of natural resources leading to a sustainable future for our stakeholders
  • Providing a safe, engaging, and enriching environment promoting diversity and inclusion to our people, our key asset
  • Continuous improvement in our governance practices, transparency, and maintaining data privacy. We initiated our effort a few years ago with an aim to become a company espousing ESG guidelines and we have already made a small yet noticeable impact on the environment and society.

eClerx’s Business Responsibility & Sustainability Report for FY23
eClerx’s 2nd Standalone Sustainability Report for FY22
eClerx’s 1st Standalone Sustainability Report for FY21

Highlights Of the Key Performance Indicators

  • 18% of total electricity consumption is from renewable energy sources
  • 92% of offices under LEED
  • Less than 2 units/day/employee electricity consumption
  • Total Scope 1-2-3 CO2 Emission Reduced By 30.5% compared to FY20
  • Less than 3 Ltrs employees/day nondrinking water consumption
  • 100% non-drinking waste water recycled
  • Gender Diversity (overall) at 33.1%. Gender Diversity (managerial level)  at 15.5%
  • Gross Direct Jobs (fresher) created increased by 160%
  • Gross Training hours for Employee skilling increased by 113%
  • Lives touched through CSR in FY22: 2357
  • Employee Volunteer (Hours for CSR) in FY22: 9838
  • Ratio of Independent Directors to total Board is 75%
  • Board Meeting Attendance Average at 97.5%
  • 64% of suppliers conforming to company’s ESG principles
  • 96.5% staff trained on anti-bribery and corruption policies
  • 100% of vendor Spend decision under Dual Approval

We continue to align our ESG strategy on 10 out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by UNDP




Good Health &
Well Being






Decent Work
& Economic




Cities &


Consumption &


Life On


For the Goals

Important Initiatives Undertaken

  • Use of eco-friendly products in day-to-day housekeeping activities to ensure the minimal adverse effects on the environment.
  • 100% STP water recycled is reused for flushing and horticulture, thus reducing freshwater withdrawals.
  • Installation of technologically- advanced hand dryers with minimal decibel levels to conserve energy and reduce queuing time.
  • Grouping large vehicle transport facility to reduce carbon footprint and use of smart scheduling app to reduce stopover and optimizes miles traveled by employee transport vehicles.
  • All employees have access to mental health counseling.
  • Free vaccination to employees and their dependents.
  • Digitalization of internal communications with virtual meetings through tele/audio-conferencing that brings down meeting-related travel, minimizing the potential risk of infection further.
  • Committed INR 10 crore in FY21 for supporting startups and young entrepreneurs.
  • Active participation in the Indian Government-led Apprentice Scheme to provide vocational training to the youth through the industry and eClerx has hired hundreds of young graduates in FY21 under the scheme.
  • Special fraud risk-related training is conducted for the relevant groups of employees that includes mock phishing drills, refresher training and onboarding tests.
  • Due Diligence Questionnaire to vet vendors on parameters including of their commitment to sustainability at the time of selection and onboarding.
  • 98% of our workforce has undergone verifications and during FY21, there was no incident of breach in Code of Ethics or incidents reported through our whistleblowing procedure.
  • Continue to implement newer tools to identify and thwart emerging cyber threats and deploy vulnerability assessment and penetration testing via external consulting firms.

SSCM Supplier Code of Conduct

Sustainability Team

Name Location Role
Ankit B. Gurugram Client delivery
Bindu L. Pune Client delivery
Gaurav K. Chandigarh Client delivery
Jyoti So. Mumbai Client delivery
Mathivanan A. Coimbatore Client delivery
Nishikant M. Pune Client delivery
Rohan P. Pune Client delivery
Akshay D. Mumbai Human Resources
Amit B. Chandigarh Client delivery
Jyoti Sa. Mumbai Client delivery
Kailas D. Mumbai Infrastructure and Infosec
Srinivasan N. Mumbai Finance
Sachin G. Mumbai Administration
Santoshi K. Gurugram Client delivery
Shalini J. Pune Human Resources
Sneha S. Pune Client delivery
Yesudass Coimbatore Client delivery